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Furiae is an ancestor of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • Which makes Inuart, Nowe, and Manah ancestors of Haruhi as well.

Before the pact, Caim is already mute.
That would explain that prior to the pact, he doesn't give out directions to his soldiers.

  • This is impossible. We clearly hear Caim speak before the pact in mission 1. "Empire scum, I will feed you to the ravens," etc... and clearly hear him speaking after the pact is broken and he fights Angelus in one of the endings. It would be my guess that he is just too preoccupied with killing everything to be bothered by what his army is doing, not to mention the fatal back wound.
    • He's the one who proposes the idea of a pact to Angelus in the first place.

Drakengard 3's Plot
The game takes place a few centuries after the events of Drakengard 2's Golden Ending. Thanks to the stinger of that ending showing one last dragon, it turns out that the dragons and gods aren't as dead as everyone thought they were. After a series of calamitous events that nearly culminate in the end of the world, the Powers That Be (the current Empire, founded by Hierarch Seere when he and his army of Golems filled in the power vacuum left by the Knights of the Seal) decide to resurrect the Seals again. There is a small change: rather than concentrating the power of the last seal on just one maiden, it's decided that the last seal should be distributed amongst four young girls so they can share the burden of the seal. Not only that, but the goddesses are trained to defend themselves in case the other seals fall.

The cost of this new system, however, is that the strain of being the first cog of the Goddess Seal (the 'Zero') kills any human girl who volunteers. Then somebody remembers Manah and Nowe: a powerful witch and a dragon/human hybrid...and all the descendants that share their unique bloodline. The Empire captures Zero and One (not their real names, just their designation as part of the Goddess Seal system: Two and Three will be brought into the game as boss fights/allies) when they're young, kills their parents and hides them away, training them until they're old enough to become goddesses themselves. The plot will center around Zero (the Caim/Kaine expy whose special attacks happen when she sings. Maybe a callback to her ancestor Inuart) and her trying to rescue her little sister (who bears more than a passing resemblance to her great-great-great grandmother Manah...) with the help of that last Holy Dragon seen in the above mentioned Golden Ending, and also try to find out why the seal system was brought back. Also, the game is going to go back to its original batshit, violent and depressing roots, based on the stills released and the fact that the original Drakengard and NieR team have been brought in on this project. There's also the fact that Caim's pact symbol is hidden inside the 'O' of the new game's logo.
  • My guess is that it perhaps is going to show how the seals where placed in the first place.

Drakengard 3 will follow ending D of the original game.
In the same way that Drakengard 2 and Nier split at A and E, this game will follow D. After Seere seals the Queen Beast the two of them come to a gradual understanding. Either naturally, or after some help from the Bone Casket. Either way, The Queen Beast becomes Zero, carrying over her harmonic magic. The flower, aside from possibly being pact related, could also represent this, given that the gods are best known for the Seeds of Resurrection, but that's probably just coincidence. Likewise, Zero's color scheme is based entirely around white/gray, which speaks for itself. One, on the other hand, looks too similar to Manah to be mere coincidence. She is either A) Seere's "daughter" akin to how Nowe is Inuart's "son" or B) Seere himself subconsciously masked as the person dearest to him.

Drakengard 3 will bring the first game's fifth ending and NieR together
After WCS has been eliminated from the world of NieR and put back into the Drakengard universe, the pieces of the Queen Beast begin to coalesce and gain sentience and her powers, becoming the 'Goddesses' that descend from the heavens to save Drakengard-World after years of civil war following the collapse of the only two stable-ish powers in that world. One is the main essence of the Queen Beast herself - hence why she looks like Manah and also has the red eyes associated with WCS from Nier-World, and why she wants to 'unite' the Goddesses: it's the Queen Beast inside her that wants to be whole and wreak havoc again. Out of all the Goddesses, Zero is supposed to be the most powerful of them all. The reason why is because there is a part of Caim inside her, just a little bit of ash from when he and Angelus got nuked, and that spark of him is what shapes who she is: her violent temper, her missing eye (a nod to Drakengard 2) with the Lunar Tear in the socket (which is the exact shape of Caim's pact rune), the protectiveness she feels towards her younger sister...and her affinity with the as-yet unnamed Holy Dragon she makes a pact with.

In relation to the above, The Goddesses in Drakengard 3 are somehow connected to both the Goddess Seal and the Queen Beast

If Zero and One are anything to go by, the colour scheme of the Goddesses will be white and grey. The woman who serves as the Goddess Seal always wears white. In the first game, the Queen Beast is grey all over.
  • Sort of confirmed: The Intoners are Grotesquerie Queens.

Drakengard 3 will be the story of how the Goddesses were sealed into weapons
Drakengard 2 reveals that the powers of five goddesses were sealed inside the Infinity Plus One Weapons of the main characters. Thus, the story of Drakengard 3 will be a prequel to the previous games, about how the Utahime Five were sealed away.

The third game takes place before the first Drakengard and the protagonists are connected to the Grotesqueries
The main reason I believe this is cause of both the sexual themes in the third game as well as the protagonists using Magic Music. Remember that in the final battle with the queen, Angelus says that it starts to sing.
  • One other thing is that the mysterious runes that appear when they sing are the same as the Watchers in the prior game and the same as the runes present in NieR.
  • It's been confirmed that rakengard 3 takes place before the first game.

Hymir's Finger will return in Drakengard 3.
But, Zero will use it like a lance, since those are used for heavy attacks and guard breaking, whereas swords are used for speed and combos.
  • Confimed, it will return now under the name Mass of Iron. Sounds like its Shout-Out to the Dragonslayer is even more obvious now than before, since it's often called just a huge "lump of iron".

The Red Eye Plague is connected to the Watchers' mind-control.
One thing that was mentioned was that the Red Eye Plague causes the victim to no longer feel any pain and become almost inhuman, something that was mentioned about the Imperial troops in the first game.

Something horrific will happen to Mikhail.
He's a kid, it's par for the course for the series.
  • How does getting sliced clean in half sound. Even Zero seems to a found it a bit much.

The black dragon in the manga is Legna.
  • Confirmed

The Tokyo Tower has some sort of connection to the Drakengard verse.
This may be just grabbing things out of thin air, but I can't think of any other reason as to why they would draw the Tokyo Tower in the background of the official art seen on the main page other than that it holds some sort of important meaning beyond the first game's ending.

Zero will make Caim look like a calm, rational person in comparison
  • We already know she's out to kill her sisters, and even Caim never stooped to siblicide. And before you bring up Ending C of Drakengard 1, Furiae killed herself upon being rejected (sexually) by Caim. Caim had no way of knowing that this would break her. If anything, it's Manah's fault for being enough of a troll to bring force the issue upon Caim's attention.

Two to Five are connected to the seals in the first game.
The thing I noticed was that they rule over the same realms that the seals where in leading me to make this guess. I can only speculate where Zero and One fit into all of this.

One is somehow special compared to the other sisters and/or there is going to be a twist involving her in some way.

Consider the following:

- One has a dragon with her, like Zero. Having a dragon serve you in drakengard is only reserved for protagonists or rivals usually.

- One is the only Intoner not to have an apostle associated with her.

- One has red eyes (typically associated with The Watchers) and looks like Child Mana.

She will probably be the last sister zero will kill and there will be a big twist involving her and/or zero's quest.

The Flower in Zero's eye is a Seed of Destruction that bloomed.
If you pay attention to the trailers, Zero doesn't get red eyes until the flower shows up.
  • I was thinking of something in the same lines.
  • Jossed. That Flower is the entity that is turning Zero into a Grotesquerie Queen.

Gabriel was reborn as Legna.
That is the only thing I can think as to why Male One and Legna shares a past in the manga.
  • Debunked Angelus and Legna are both confirmed alive at the time of Drakengard 3, and are among the oldest dragons.

Manah is the descendant of Male One.
Male One at the end of branch A in Drakengard 3, decides he will become the new One. Since Male One created the Cult Of The Watchers, and Manah was also in the Cult and her family origins remain unknown this would explain Manah's latent magic power, and her insanity; she'd be a descendant of a Grotesquerie Queens.
  • Confirmed. She and Seere are his great-great-grandchildren.

Drakengard 4 will be made by PlatinumGames.
And it'll rise from the whatever remaining ashes of Scalebound
  • And this will be a plot point.