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Tear Jerker: Drakengard
  • The very first ending you get in the first Drakengard game is truly a tearjerker. Not only does Angelus show her change in opinion of humans but also Caim finally shows compassion for the first time (we are talking about a guy who killed thousands of people in cold blood and didn't cry when he lost all his soldiers, his sister, and even his best friend). The sequel only pushes it further although it can be actually comforting in that they do not have to suffer anymore.
    • And in the sequel? As the two burn to ash, sharing one last moment together in life as Growing Wings, the series Leitmotif, plays, the following exchange occurs between the two pact partners:
      Angelus: Is it over, Caim?...
      Caim: It's over. We're together now.
  • The entire game is designed to make you feel horrible, whether by virtue of the horrid game design, or the horrible stuff that keeps happening to the protagonists. However, the very last ending takes the cake for making you rage and tear up at the same time. After going through all the Guide Dang It challenges to unlock the final mission, Angelus and Caim fly into the Mother Watcher, and for reasons unexplained, the three of them are warped to modern Tokyo. There, you are forced to do a bizarre and ridiculously challenging rhythm game against her. Upon defeat, she dissipates into ashes, and Angelus tells Caim it's finally over. After going through all the torment the game has to offer them and you, two missiles come out of nowhere and shoot our heroes down. A fighter jet flies past as the pilot radios in his success in downing the unidentified bogey. After the credits run, the final shot of the game is Angelus' body, skewered on the Tokyo Tower. And then the game has the audacity to thank you for playing.

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