Tear Jerker / Drakengard

  • The very first ending you get in the first Drakengard game is truly a tearjerker. Not only does Angelus show her change in opinion of humans but also Caim finally shows compassion for the first time (we are talking about a guy who killed thousands of people in cold blood and didn't cry when he lost all his soldiers, his sister, and even his best friend). The sequel only pushes it further although it can be actually comforting in that they do not have to suffer anymore.
    • And in the sequel? As the two burn to ash (including Caim burning by choice), sharing one last moment together in life as Growing Wings, the series Leitmotif, plays, the following exchange occurs between the two pact partners:
      Angelus: Is it over, Caim?...
      Caim: It's over. We're together now.
  • Manah's Battle in the Center of the Mind in the sequel. Nowe finds copies of her younger self from Drakengard in the throne room she stayed in as the Watchers' puppet. When you strike the copies, you get a very good idea of the Trauma Conga Line Manah went through as a child, with gems like this voice clip that plays on landing a hit:
    Manah (screaming, terrified): Don't hit me, Mommy!