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All of Alestorm's songs take place in the same and universe.

A theory I've been cooking up for a while: All of their songs (bar covers) are set in the same 'verse, talking about the same crew. The Crew (The one from "Black Sails At Midnight") originally fared in the seven seas in many adventures (this being the period where all of the adventure songs take place, "Terror at the high seas", "Heavy Metal Pirates", "Set Sail and Conquer", "Leviathan", "Death Throes The Terror Squid" and so forth) under the rule of Captain Morgan, also known as The Huntmaster (from the song). Eventually, there was a mutiny (described in "Keelhauled" from the crew's point of view), and Morgan was killed. The crew was cursed (as described in "Captain Morgan's Revenge"), and upon realizing their fate, had a drink (which is chronicled in "The Sunk'n'Norweigian"), this leads to "Death Before The Mast" which chronicles their final battle. The ones who escaped the battle chronicled in "Death Before The Mast" were shipwrecked (leading to "Shipwrecked"), and then became the crew from "Chronicles Of Vengeance", which is ambushed and imprisioned at the beginning of the song with the aid of a turncoat, leaving only the protagonist and the turncoat alive, which leads to the aforementioned Vengeance. The Crew was arrested, and this leads to "Captain Morgan's Revenge" (which is sung from the point of view of pirates awaiting for their hanging), while the avenging protagonist and sole survivor of The Crew became the Retired Monster from "Pirate Song" after his vengeance.
  • I'm sure To the End of Our Days can fit in here somewhere...
    • That would be the chronicle of the Avenging Protagonist's last journey after his vengeance, falling between "Chronicles of Vengeance" and "Pirate Song" (in which he's a ghost). Or if you take the line "Now you see me as the the ghost of a man" metaphorically, To The End Of Our Days then becomes the last chronological song, talking about the last crewmember's death.
  • New song Drunk directly states that they got "Shipwrecked" after going "Back Through Time." Make of that what you will.