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Video Game: True Crime: New York City
True Crime: New York City is the sequel to True Crime: Streets of LA.

Marcus Reed is a member of his father's gang. Several years later, he appears to be betrayed by a friend and declared dead. However, he returns as a bloody mess to kill Kev Lar, the man responsible for setting him up. After killing him, Terry Higgins, a cop, saves his life from a gang member and agrees to arrest him. He doesn't like Marcus killing and threatens him to do as he says or he's on his own forever.

5 years later, Marcus is working for the NYPD, and works under Lt. Dixon. Victor Navarro, the chief, is not liking this. After passing his test, Marcus is driven to see his father, Isaiah, to show he's not a criminal anymore. Terry stops in a place for a deal, but seeming dies in an explosion. Since then, Marcus plans on tracking down the four crime leaders to avenge his death.

Tropes applied:

True Crime: Streets of LANintendo Game CubeUltimate Spider-Man
True Crime: Streets of LAXboxTurok
True Crime: Streets of LAPlay Station 2 Turok
True Crime: Streets of LAThird-Person ShooterUncharted
True Crime: Streets of LAWide Open SandboxSleeping Dogs

alternative title(s): True Crime New York City
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