Video Game: Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning is a Breaking Out videogame released on Seta's 1st generation arcade hardware and the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. It was later released in japan as Family Block (ファミリーブロック Famirī Burokku). A sequel Thunder & Lightning 2 (Block Carnival) was released in 1992.

Thunder & Lightning provides examples of:

  • Boss Room: There's a Manta Ray, an archeological head, a giant spider, a monster that throws stones, and the main monster.
  • Damsel in Distress: The whole point of the game is to rescue the girl.
  • Excuse Plot: Rescue your tall blond girlfriend from the demon that put blocks in your way.
  • Nintendo Hard: The original arcade version runs on a vertical screennote  giving more vertical space, it also have continues (coins). The nes version doesn't, normal horizontal screennote , no continues, just the 3 extra lifes. Unlike most Breakout clones this game also have enemies and bosses. It's also only possible to have one paddle Power-Up at a time, for some reason the 1-Up resets the paddle to normal.
  • Power-Up: The normal ones, sticky paddle("Glove"), longer paddle("Long"), 1-Up, big ball that goes through indestructible blocks("Big ball"), "Slow" that slows down the ball and so on.