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Video Game: Rescue Raiders
Rescue Raiders was a 1984 Apple ][ game from Sir-Tech that combined the side-scrolling helicopter action of Choplifter with one of the first implementations of Real-Time Strategy.

Two sides with identical capabilities vie to destroy each other's headquarters by escorting a demolition team to the opposite end of the battlefield. In addition to dispatching these teams and other ground units, players directly pilot a heavily-armed helicopter.

The game's creators later remade it for DOS and Mac OS as Armor Alley. This version added a multiplayer mode, with up to two pilots per team.

Tropes found in Rescue Raiders:

Tropes specific to Armor Alley:

  • Captain Obvious — One of the "Battle Hints" is "Low fuel means low fuel."
  • The Computer Is A Lying Bastard — Another Battle Hint is "Never believe everything you read."
  • Motion Parallax — An optional feature, in case you find it distracting. You can also disable the scenic background altogether.
  • War Is Hell — The snippets of story in the game and the manual have this theme.
    I don't recognize any of the guys I'm with here, and I don't know if it's because they're green troops and all my friends are dead, or because I'm losing my mind.

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