Video Game / Integration: The Stranded Light

Integration: The Stranded Light is a massive questline mod for Oblivion. What starts as simply finding a new home for a stranded golden saint quickly evolves into a grand adventure for players of all kinds. On top of that, many hidden sidequests litter the countryside. Little quests that could make a huge difference later.

The mod adds several new lore friendly guilds for you to interact with, new friends to make, new races to play as.

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Integration: The Stranded Light provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Action Girl: Most of the Female Daedra in and outside of the Stranded Light are this in one form or another.
    • The Player of course, if they're playing as a female.
    • Keneriel, a Mazken currently leading Gellius Terentius down the Golden Path. Unfortunately for you, you'll need to banish her in one of the quests, given either by the count of Bravil or by the Stranded Light. Try to take her out the direct route and you'll quickly find out just what kind of a mistake you've made. Thankfully there are more than one way to banish her. In fact you might not even need to banish her at all, as she's not very happy with her current "job".
    • Ulasza. Oh God, Ulasza. not only this but you'll have to encounter her 3 times. Thankfully the first two times you encounter her she has several hidden weaknesses. First time has several, including a Self-Destruct Mechanism. Second time most of them won't work but she still has one weakness. The last time however... good luck.
  • Big Bad:
    • Ulasza. And the Renrijra Krin for the Desert Walkers.
    • The Stranded Light itself If you choose the Renrijra Krin path.
  • But Thou Must!: Averted. Almost every single step in every quest has at least five different ways you can go about it. Subverted however in that most of them require either high skill checks or require you to complete certain quests or be playing as a certain race or have some combination of these.
  • Chainsaw Good:
    • Ulasza's weapon of choice. The player can also get one, either through a master level conjure spell or by beating her.
    • Keneriel uses a variant of this too, only with a hammer.
  • The Corruption: What is happening to certain Daedra. Namely, Ulasza and Leshruzay. When Jyggalag returns, certain daedra that used to serve in his army way back when also revert back to their "order programming". The latter can be saved. The former... not so much. Also this happened to Tuvasekr, Tesherku's captor.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Karashivuel. Tesherku to a somewhat lesser degree.
  • Fungus Humongous: The Telvanni mushrooms make a return. First as outposts by Bruma and New Sheoth respectively, then as an entire city. Complete with your own personal tower.
  • Infinity -1 Sword:
    • The Chainblade/Gear Hammer Replica. Very high on damage, but slower than your typical Daedric Warhammer even. You get the legitimate versions later on. Or if your conjuration is high enough you can simply conjure them.
    • The Thorn of Order: Basically a souped-up Sword of Order from the Shivering isles with a wicked enchantment.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The whole reason Tesserayiel formed the Stranded Light, to play this trope straight. besides her ulterior motives of destroying Alduin. She does not succeed.
  • Our Daedra Are Different: Everyone in the Stranded Light, and several outside of it as well.
  • Guide Dang It!: None of the quests have any quest markers, the journal sometimes doesn't mention where the quest is taking place, and often times dialogue pertaining to where a quest needs to be done only appears once. If you happen to forget where you're supposed to go on some quests, you're stuck until you figure it out.
    • If you have "Knights of the Nine", you'd best not start any of its quests until after the interview quest, as that expansion kills off several characters necessary for the best resolution.
      • Keneriel alleviates much of this, if you chose to have her move to another city. Especially one your chosen home is in. She outright tells you EXACTLY where to go and what to expect for one quest, rendering it very simple.
  • Horny Devils:
    • Turumerin. She runs a Bordello in the Shivering Isles where people go to experience Death by Sex. The player is not immune to this. Doing this is necessary to unlock certain paths in certain quests, however.
    • Vrjekka is the more extreme example.
    • Tesherku is accused of being this, especially by Karashivuel. It's not really true, as she's much better at keeping her desires in check, and regularly shows disdain at the above two. Even so, she does have her horny side, one she'll be more than happy to show you should you win her heart.
    • Karashivuel accuses the player of this if they are playing as a Daedra Seducer. There is no way to live up to this however.
  • Improbably Female Cast: Played as a running joke in the Stranded Light's headquarters. Male Player aside, no male members are ever seen in Merendin. Subverted in that male members do appear in the guild, albeit outside of the main HQ.
  • The Remnant:
    • The Stranded Light, especially if you complete the Oblivion main quest before starting the Stranded Light Quest. Subverted in that very few if any of them actually come from Mehrunes Dagon's army. And those that do are traitors who got fed up with him.
    • Tesherku, one of the few survivors of Mehrunes Dagon's assault on Shade Perilous.
  • Romance Arc:
    • Tesherku. It's a long and involved one.
    • Karashivuel was originally supposed to be romanceable too, but this was left out.
  • Shout-Out: Events from previous The Elder Scrolls games play a large part in both the quest and lore of this mod. In addition, several characters from these games either make physical appearances or are mentioned. Battlespire in particular is mentioned quite often, and the events of such play a huge role in the mod. Particularly in the Tesherku side quests.