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Video Game: EOE: Eve Of Extinction
aka: Eve Of Extinction
A Beat 'em Up Video Game published in early 2002 on the PlayStation 2. The main gimmick was the ability to switch weapons mid-combo.

The story concerns a young man named Josh Calloway who's girlfriend Eliel is transformed into a type of weapon known as a "Legacy". As a result he turns on his former employers, the Wisdom Corperation, and goes after his former boss Agla in order to recover a chip which will reverse the process.

No relation to End of Evangelion.

EOE: Eve Of Extinction contains examples of;

Hyrule WarriorsBeat 'em UpExecutioners
The Matrix Path Of NeoUsefulNotes/Play Station 2 Ephemeral Fantasia

alternative title(s): Eve Of Extinction
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