Tropers / Thanatologist

I study death. Preferably yours, though I have no qualms about mine.

I am another unlucky soul who was led here to procrastinate.

The first article I read here was Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp", when I clicked on a link someone inserted into a conversation back at the Urban Dead Wiki. Now I spend large amounts of time, supposedly dedicated to schoolwork, taking long walks.

My handle originates from a term I found in a health book. The term was "thanatology". I had (and still do sort of have) a rather morbid fascination with things having to do with death. Meaning I am also a slight Nightmare Fetishist. Here's what The Other Wiki says about it: (Link).

I played Angela on the The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG (S3).

Vandals will be persecuted. Unless they vandalize here.

In the name of all that is good and right! Whoops, wrong one. -Agent Desdendelle, Department of Floaters
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