Tropers / Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry Syrup is a slice-of-life urban fantasy webcomic by A. Meyer and N. Rollason. It centers on a half-vampire named Samson Rosalez and his father Fernando, who was forced to raise him by himself after Sammy's trailer trash mother Josie dumped the baby on him and left.

Fifteen years later, the story follows Sammy's life at home and at school; feeding on his female classmates and being stalked by an aspiring vampire-slayer named Hunter Smith.

  • Casanova - What Ferdy would like to think he is.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Sammy.
  • Eyes Always Shut - Ferdy.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampires - Ferdy is friendly to an almost annoying degree.
  • Keet - Ferdy, always bubbly and cheerful.
  • Kiss of the Vampire - Sammy enjoys seducing girls into letting him drink their blood. It doesn't seem to have any ill effects aside from putting them in a temporary daze.
  • Mistaken for Gay - Ferdy's reaction to seeing Sammy's pet "weredog" Randy pinning Hunter down on a bed and tearing his clothes off.
    • Earlier in the comic, a teacher catches Hunter tackling Sammy and reminds them that public displays of affection are prohibited.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes - Hunter is constantly attacking and trying to "slay" Sammy because he's half-vampire, even though Sammy's never really done anything to him at all.