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Tropers: Rocket Dude
"Listen to the Heartbeat of America..."

Oh finally, I made my own page.

Well. I'm Rocket Dude, but you probably already knew that. I have been on this website for months now, and I'm only now getting a page, so yeah, I need to work on this.

I am a crazy fan of the following things: Western Animation from the 90's, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life (and, by extension, Freeman's Mind and the better spinoffs), cars (actually an obsession from when I was much younger, but I dropped it and then picked it back up relatively recently in life) and Command & Conquer (which I can thank this wiki for introducing me to).

    Stuff I've done in Video Games: 

Add me on Steam!

    Things that Make Me Laugh and Other Interesting Things: 

More later because I'm lazy.

If you wanna vandalize, put it below this line and keep it small:
Listen all y'all, it's sabotage!
Roses are RED
Violets are BLU
I am Painis Cupcake
I will eat you.goodtimesfreegrog

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