Tropers / Random Trope Loser

If you're bored enough to be looking at my account, you might as well write something here too.

  • "Bows" A pleasure to meet someone like myself. -Katsuun

    • I predict a friendly rivalry between the two of us, in which each party continuously attempts to out-zoidberg the other.

Hi! I'm new. What's up everybody? If you got that reference, I officially like you.

Randomtropeloser: Well, the Random computer isn't yielding any Google results so... -Thinks really hard- It looks like I'll have to deal with being unliked, as if that's anything new.

  • You're not unliked! If it's any consolation, I like you, troper I've never spoken with before! Really, you seem cool! - Midnight Velvet

    • Ah yes, you're that person who told me that my masochistic workout routine was totally awesome. Thanks!
  • Smile you're not the Corrupt Corporate Executive. - Bold as Love

  • Hello extremely! How do you lose random tropes? Also I'm going to concur with Velvie that you may be slightly hard on yourself, because you seem pretty affable to me so far! note  ~ Noaqiyeum

  • Hello, internet friend of mine! - Balmung

  • Hola Mr. Redlinker, Think you're so special, I I red-link everything I say!Counterclock

  • Self-deprecation, you say? I think this shall be the start of a beautiful friendship. Or not, I dunno. I can't tell the future. - Phoenixor

  • ... ~ One Man Ness Express

  • Aw geez. What a horrible big sis I am. I've never even vandalized your page. Oh well. :P -Nekoalexa
  • Hi, my name is Prince Conor; I'm a 'newbie' here. I'm sure you can help me out to make something useful here. I have one question-I can't see any strong answer one way or the other what gender you are: male or female. If you could answer here or on my page, or through a PM, that'd be great.