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Hi! Not much you should know about me, except I'm working on some fanseries:

Touhou Monochrome, a Touhou/Magic Pengel crossover series.

The Scenario: Gensokyo is experiencing mysterious color loss, and it's up to Reimu and Marisa, as well as 10 others, to find the source and get back Gensokyo's color!

You can find the first episode here.

Vocaloid in the Walfasverse, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

Scenario (By arc):
  • Arc 0 (Episodes 1-5) Is merely introductory, and only Episodes 1, 2.5, and 4.5 are canon.
  • Arc 1 (Episodes 6- ) focuses on Len and PV's mission to defeat MASTER, who is, well, Len's master.
    • This arc's team: Len, PV (Not to be confused with This Troper), Alice Ravenheart, Eirin Yagokoro, Fauna Besuta
The first episode is here. Arc 1 (and the plot) starts here.

And here's an Miku Miku Dance Special starring Cute Witch Zavaski: [1]

Walfasverse Nonsense Adventure, which is similar to MS Paint Adventures. It's a forum discussion, and the 4th Create.swf Adventure. It focuses on Loli-Cat, a reality warping catgirl, and Sword-hime, her best friend and a pretty good swordswoman.

You can find it here.

Some Ms Paint Forum Adventures I am working on:

Banned Story Adventures, which is about 7 teens (but some mistake them for kids) who are on a quest to save a land called Dreamatia from...something, and engage in shenanigans along the way.

Flash Adventures, which doesn't really have a plot yet.

MS Gaia Adventures, Which is about a gang of Celestials trying to save 6 Elemental Sprites from...something. It is the most fast paced of all of them (As in, each act is 3-5 commands long). Featuring special guest Utsuho Reiuji!

Vocaloid In The Walfasverse Adventures, which is sort of a spin-off of sorts. It focuses mainly on PV's atempts to find Len after he goes missing.

Tropes that apply to me, Priffy Viole: