Tropers / Jheuloh

Lives in a Jheuloh Bowl, under a Rock. Beware the Guard Lizard(s).

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    Real-life tropes. 

Cool Pet. Bearded Dragons are kewl. Soon enough I'll have a Gargoyle Gecko in my collection too.

Somewhere, a Palaeontologist Is Crying. I did not draw a dinosaur! Also, lol kangaroo hands.

Somewhere, an Ornithologist Is Crying. Hawk screams.

Somewhere, a Herpetologist Is Crying. Raising them as pets & reading about them on a near daily basis does this to you.

Somewhere, an Entomologist Is Crying. Arthropods aren't my strong point, but I know just enough.

Somewhere, a Mammalogist Is Crying. My weakest area, but I've just enough excess knowledge to qualify.

    Original Fiction Tropes. 

Standard Fantasy Planet. May have visitors who are trapped on the fantasy planet by unintentionally visiting a gateway to & from earth & this setting. Planet of Hats, Always Chaotic Evil, and similar mono-mentality tropes are averted for all species.

Constructed World. No potential for visitors from other worlds here, it serves as the Speculative Science counterpart to my standard fantasy planet. The big theme here is that lizards & snakes colonize some continents of the planet, but mammals do not, and so lizards fill up the niches normally taken by mammals, and beat out crocodilians for terrestrial megafauna status.

    Internet, Video Game, and Roleplay tropes. 

Screen Name. There's a story. "Jheuloh" is a 100% invented word made from me randomly pressing keys. When I conceived the word, there were no related results on google. Having decided that I want a consistent screen name for all forums/accounts, an invented word with the search-results described above seemed an ideal combination.

Game Mod. I've made a few of these.