Tropers / Eneljie

Not quite a photo, but close enough...

An Anime Fan (I'm weening myself of the phrase "otaku" since I found out what it meant) who's favorite type of Manga/Anime is the romance genre (see Hopeless romantic) despite not only never having a girlfriend (much less a harem or wife of any nature), but also having his (yup, he's male) favorite manga and anime in the action genre. (Hayate the Combat Butler and Rozen Maiden respectively). For more on that, I have a my anime list! Recently recognized that many of his favorite authors consist of all-female groups, oh, and he likes Touhou.

Tropes that apply include: and other exciting genres.
  • Everything Is Online: I'm an internet denizen, so, for the most part, as far as I am concerned, this IS the world.
  • Not Good with People: ... where to start? Many of my friends openly admit that when they first saw me, they thought I had down syndrome, I'm constantly being interrupted by the rest of the group I'm in, I've been described as the type of person whose jokes are basicly either exceptional or exceptional garbage. I would get better with my social skills, but I seem to learn what little I obtain from anime... I could go on, but do I need to?
  • That Came Out Wrong: the tropes above, anyone?
  • Shrinking Violet: Funny, that almost fits me, but the one difference is that I'm actually a really positive person.