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Hello. I'm Benjamin Fuller and my name will only be the most I'm going to give since I prefer not to expose location and/or date-of-birth with anyone. I'm diagnosed with aspergers syndrome of the autistic spectrum. Which leads to it's upsides and downsides. I have an affinity for cars and models of such thanks to having played games such as Need for Speed or, most recently, Project CARS I do have some Guilty Pleasures such as being a brony, although that's not too bad to admit. What is harder to admit is that I have a thing for vorarephilia and... Well... It's best not to go any more detail.

Ways to contact me can include:

  • YouTube: racer927, I'm currently using Windows 7 which leaves me unable to use any good video software.
  • Steam: Dallenson, Most common for many games that I play and some of them linked to Steam for convenience.
  • Skype: Dallenson, also used occasionally
  • DeviantArt: Dallenson, I upload pictures of my models along with a few... edgy ones.
  • Fur Affinity: May as well throw the NSFW tag out there for safety.
  • This Very Wiki.

Tropes that pertain to my real self:

  • Awesome Music: I prefer to listen to Video Game music, including but not limited to composers such as Frank Klepacki, Rom Di Prisco and many others.
  • Berserk Button: I do not take kindly to bigotry of any kind, either if it's against blacks, homo/bisexuality, etc. I get incredibly angry when it occurs.
    • Jokes about autism or any other diagnoses of it.
    • Annoying noises count.
  • Cool Car: A whole model collection of them!
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: This has happened many times, particularly going between Starbound, Terraria and Minecraft in which any similar mechanic can throw you off. Doing something as simple as opening a door can be a hastle when it's right clicking in Minecraft and Terraria while it's the E key in Starbound.
    • Going from Garry's Mod to any of the above three results in frustration by throwing items by accident.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: I love various sounds, such as car noises, both fictional and real and gun noises, particularly of the Bang Bang BANG variety.
  • Old Shame: Some of the older contributions I've made just make me cringe with so much regret at hat I've said.
  • Rage Quit: Not so much general frustration from games themselves but losing progress to Game Breaking Bugs or general stupidity can lead me to giving up on games for awhile.
  • Sir Swears Alot: I cannot go a day without some kind of curse. Getting better.

Tropes that pertain to my characters and my friends: