Trivia: Young Blades

  • Acting for Two: In "The Chameleon," Karen Cliche plays Jacqueline (as a woman) and the Chameleon disguised as Jacques Leponte in the same scene.
  • Actor Allusion: Ramon's Leitmotif is a flamenco theme. He also constantly "rhapsodizes," which is sort of a stylized bad 17th-century freestyle rap. Zak Santiago, who plays him, is a trained flamenco dancer and a hip hop artist.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted; 16-year-old Robert Sheehan plays the nearly 16-year-old King Louis.
  • Deleted Scene: Every episode has at least one scene that didn't make it to TV, which can be seen on the unofficial DVDs that several fans got from the original production company. In particular, most of the aired episodes cut The Tag featuring Ramon reciting a poem about the episode's plot. Other cut scenes include:
    • In the first episode, the Cafe Nouveau scene was longer and showed more background characters, and there was a short scene at the Musketeer Barracks. Also, the dungeon cleaning scene was longer: after Siroc daydreams about making a miracle cleaning product that is "a lotion and a cleanser in one," Ramon wonders if it could be a colon cleanser as well, and it gets kind of awkward from there. Followed by Ramon lampshading his theme music by performing an ode to Flamenco.
    • A deleted scene from "The Exile" shows Louis having a nightmare about Cromwell, disguised as Louis' grandmother, whom Louis then attacks with a fork.
    • A woman sings a tribute to the Highwayman in a deleted scene from "Four Musketeers and a Baby."
    • In a deleted scene from "Da Vinci's Notebook," Mazarin whips Captain Bernard for failing in his duties.
    • The deleted episode tag for "The Invincible Sword" features King Louis having a dream about the Musketeers as whiny children who need his guidance.
    • In a deleted scene from "Secrets," which has absolutely nothing to do with the plot, King Louis once again tries to figure out women, and decides he should start a war with Spain to make himself more attractive. Then he demands that his valet pretend to be Spain and duel with him. Several clips from previous episodes were also cut.
  • Fake Brit: Oliver Cromwell and Charles II. Given the show's already epic confusion where accents are concerned, these examples are only noteworthy in that both actors do actually attempt to sound British (''attempt'' being the operative word here).
  • Hey, It's That Guy! / Retroactive Recognition: Queen Anne is former 1980's pop sensation Sheena Easton, Captain Duval is Captain Sheridan from Babylon 5, and Jacqueline is Lexa from Mutant X.
    • Also, if the online comments are anything to go by, Siroc is typically recognized as the voice of Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing; and by far the most common reaction to King Louis is "Holy Crap! Is that Nathan from Misfits under that wig?!"
    • If you're into other obscure shows, the highwayman from "Four Musketeers and a Baby" is Cade Foster from First Wave.
    • Walter from Stargate SG-1 has a brief role as a jeweler in "The Girl From Upper Gaborski."
    • The D'Artagnan starred in The Nanny.
  • What Might Have Been: Michael Boisvert, who plays Charles, originally auditioned for the role of D'Artagnan.
  • Karen Cliche has stated that playing Jacqueline was her hardest role because she had to learn to swordfight and act like a man.