Trivia / Yo Yogi!

  • Genre-Killer: While Yo Yogi! may not have single-handedly killed the popularity of Saturday Morning Cartoon fare, its failure almost certainly made its long, painful road to decline irreversible. NBC (the show's network) was the first to ditch Saturday morning cartoons after the failure of this series, with the other networks slowly following their lead for the next two decades.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Technically speaking. While not exactly succesful by any stretch of the imagination, in Mexico the show wasn't nearly as reviled as it was anywhere else, mainly because it was considered just another cartoon for kids and was never sold as either being cool or hip. It still has the occasional re-run, and its one of the markets were Boomerang will apparently show it from time to time.
  • Old Shame: Of the 100+ shows that Hanna-Barbera produced, plenty are considered just as bad as Yo Yogi!, but this is the only one that Boomerang outright refuses to re-run (at least in the United States- it apparently showed up on one of the foreign Boomerang nets a couple of years back).
  • Role Reprisal: Don Messick returns as Boo Boo, Muttley, and Atom Ant.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: This show is a PERFECT example of how 90s stereotypes can date the show.