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General Trivia:

  • Creator Breakdown: Shakespeare's only son, Hamnet, died at the age of eleven. Harold Bloom, Bill Bryson, and Stephen Greenblatt (among others) all speculate that Shakespeare's grief over his son seeped into his plays - from Constance's monologue mourning her son in King John, to the ecstatic scene of the twins reuniting when each thought the other dead, in Twelfth Night (Hamnet was the fraternal twin to Judith), and, especially, Shakespeare's tragedy of sons, fathers, and legacies, Hamlet.
  • Fan Nickname: Several Fan Nicknames referring to his work have become widely used by Shakespeare scholars over the years, and are now generally accepted by almost everyone.
    • "The Henriad" for the History tetralogy encompassing Richard II, Henry IV parts I and II, and Henry V.
    • "The Minor Tetralogy" for the History tetralogy encompassing Henry VI parts I, II and III and Richard III (contrasting with "The Major Tetralogy", an alternate name for the tetralogy mentioned above).
    • "Two Gents" for Two Gentlemen of Verona.
    • "The Fair Youth" for the addressee of Sonnets 1 to 126.
    • "The Dark Lady" for the addressee of Sonnets 127 to 152.
    • "The Rival Poet" for the rival alluded to in Sonnets 78 to 86.

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