Trivia: Warm Bodies

  • Fake American: Both leads are this, with R being played by Nicholas Hoult (a British actor) and Julie played by Teresa Palmer (an Australian actress).
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Beast is a zombie whose best friend is Kip, who falls in love with Becky (who was originally dating Jack Wilder). They have to fight against her father Basie, but luckily her best friend Ana Lee is there to help.
    • The athletic woman in R's fantasy sequence (the one he envisions as a "personal trainer") is played by Ayisha Issa, who is known in Quebec for playing the tough-as-nails inmate Bouba in the series Unité 9, and as Clara in the series 30 Vies.
    • R was relatively unknown at the time of this film, but two years later would look more like a zombie than now and be saying "Oh, what a Day! What a lovely day!"