Awesome / Warm Bodies

  • M taking out a few Bonies with a baggage tractor.
    • And later, during the big battle with the Bonies, he's right up front, kicking their asses like it's nothing.
  • Grigio realizes that R is a zombie, so he immediately pulls a gun on him without listening to he and Julie's reasoning. The following then occurs:
    Grigio: Things don't get better, things get worse. People get bit, people get infected, then I shoot them in the head. It happened to your mother, and that's what's gonna happen to him-
    Nora: (stone-faced with a gun to Grigio's back) I'm really sorry, Mr. Grigio.
    • And then after Julie and R escape, Grigio incredulously looks back to Nora:
    Grigio: You're not gonna shoot me.