Funny / Warm Bodies

  • When M tries to comfort R because he's upset Julie went back home. "Bitches, man."
    • Also, how M keeps shaking R's shoulder. It's clear that he understands hand on shoulder = comforting gesture, but he hasn't grasped how exactly this works.
  • R, M and a group of zombies walking to "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions. It's just so absurd and HILARIOUS.
    • It's even funnier when you remember that the slow-mo Power Walk is in real time.
    • Practically any music cue in the film. Especially making up R to the sound of "Pretty Woman".
  • R's inner monologue. Almost everything he says is at least worth a chuckle.
    • I'm lonely. I'm lost. (beat) I mean, I'm literally lost. I've never been to this part of the airport before.
    • "God, we walk slow."
    • *sigh* "This might take a while."
    • Nice watch. ::BITE::
    • "Don't be creepy. Don't be creepy."
    • "Holy shit."
    • Say something human, say something human! " are you." Nailed it.
    • "Judging from my hoodie...I'm pretty sure I was unemployed."
    • *passes a zombie going through bonification by tearing off its own face* "Eeeeeewwww! Stop it!"
  • "Sorry, I've got zombie fingers."
    • "You're supposed to say I'm pretty too."
  • In the film, when the zombies first shuffle back into the airport after attacking the human scavenger party, a recorded announcement can be heard: "The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only."
  • For certain GPS users, recalculating.
  • Nora meeting R:
    Nora: (waves) "'Sup?"
  • "They said 'Fuck yeah!"
  • The small conversation Julie and R have after he tells her she has to stay for a few days, especially when she mentions he's a music "purist" and fusses at him for shrugging all the time.
  • Julie's interpretation of R's suggestion, "Be dead." He quickly admonishes her with, "Too...much."
  • Nora saving R from getting shot, both for saying she's sorry and admitting she'd totally shoot Julie's dad.
    Grigio: You're not gonna shoot me.
  • The Funny Background Event of when R and Julie reach the abandoned house and R immediately finds something and sticks it in his pocket to collect, as if out of habit alone.
  • Among the horde of recovering zombies is a man who seems to be a temporarily but extremely lapsed Sikhnote .