Trivia / Van Halen

  • Career Resurrection: Many fans had written Van Halen off at the start of the second decade of the 21st century. After a messy divorce with Sammy Hagar, an album with Gary Cherone which flopped, Michael Anthony's forced departure from the band and Eddie's bouts with alcoholism and cancer. But once Eddie came out of rehab, the band mended fences with Roth and hit the studio to record A Different Kind of Truth the band's first album of new material in 14 years. The album charted all the way up to #2 (same spot as 1984), spawned a hit single and returned them to the limelight, featuring some of Eddie's best playing in decades.
  • Creative Differences: A music reviewer summed up the Van Halen-David Lee Roth split quite well as a situation where Eddie wanted to Grow The Beard and make the band more "artistic", but Diamond Dave was content with the success of their partying Hard Rock style. This holds up when one takes into account how the band went quite Darker and Edgier once Dave wasn't around to butt heads with and Eddie took over their creative direction entirely.
  • He Also Did: Eddie played the fast shredding solo on "Beat It" by Michael Jackson.
  • Name's the Same: This trope is part of the reason why the band has its current name; originally, the guys wanted to call their band Genesis. When they learned that another band was using that name, they started calling themselves Mammoth instead until they changed it to Van Halen some time later.
  • Similarly Named Works: "Right Now" has nothing to do with the Korn song of the same name.
  • The Pete Best: The two bassists who preceded Michael Anthony.
  • Throw It In: Most of David Lee Roth's speaking breaks, combined with Crowning Moment of Funny. "Eruption" also started initially as a warmup before Templeman convinced Eddie to record it and put it on the album. The rain in the background of "Could This Be Magic?" is actual - the band opened the studio's door during a rainy day because it was hot and poorly ventilated, and the effect got caught on tape.
    • By the way, the person saying "c'mon, Dave... gimme a break!" in "Unchained" is Templeman himself, telling Dave to stop before his talking got out of hand.