Trivia / Transmetropolitan

  • All-Star Cast: "Tales of Human Waste" is illustrated by a few dozen of the greatest artists working in comics at the time.
  • Life Imitates Art: Warren Ellis started writing about New Media at the beginning of The '90s. He started writing Transmetropolitan in 1997. And it's all come true.
    The years since I finished TRANSMETROPOLITAN have been a litany of horror. That book is COMING TRUE. Right down to the stupid details Darick Robertson and I threw in like two-headed cats and cameras in shades. Every time I invent something, lately, it turns up in the news six months later (including but not limited to space shuttles blowing up, and in a script I decided not to finish, snipers terrorizing cities.) And then I have to open up the throttle a little more and let more horrible shit out from the back of my head.
    It's possible that I'm actually driving humanity towards total apocalypse.

    —Epilogue to Angel Stomp Future
  • Reality Subtext: All over the place, but especially painful in "Another Cold Morning", a clear Take That! to the way society ignores mental illness among the homeless population.