Analysis / Transmetropolitan

The Central Theme

Society has and will alter beyond all recognition, any code of morality is but a product of its time. Technology will open vistas undreamed of, The Singularity will come and go, but the core problems of human society will never change. All societies will always have social underclasses, people will always be apathetic — "Bread and Circuses" as the Romans noted. It will always be easier to make assumptions about a person based on race, caste and creed.
The Twentieth century gave the human race it's score card. Kardashev and Dyson made concrete the notion of type one, type two and type three civilizations.

A type one civilization has mastered its planet, inside out, is utilizing the world's entire energy potential and has wiped away all the internal struggles of its race.

A type two civilization has energy needs so massive that it can only be met by physically harnessing the sun.

In the type three scenario, the civilization has gone galactic, extracting energy on an interstellar basis.

We can make magic with engines smaller than a virus, and yet, just today, twenty-four people in this city alone will die from having walked into the wrong district or community. We are still not even a type one civilization. This remains a zero society. //
  • Another consistent theme throughout the series is that humans are slaves to their own desires, Transmetropolitan shows us a future that is liberalized and hedonistic beyond reason. It also has strong statements to make about blind faith -
Yeah. I'm calling your "faith" bullshit. This man needs medical help if he can't get through his life without something invisible to believe in. Y'know, I wouldn't mind all this half so much if there was some historical truth in it. This whole concept of "faith"? of believing in something that isn't fucking there? was invented by a man to cover up the cracks in the "Christianity" he cobbled together with the Romans. This whole god thing comes from the days when our brains weren't as connected up as they are now, and we all hallucinated daily!