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Trivia: Tomb Raider Legend
  • Fan Nickname: The "Unknown Entity" that possesses Amanda in Peru is commonly known as "Fluffy'' in the fandom.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • What Could Have Been: Early trailers showcased a variety of things that didn't make it into the final product. Examples include Lara being able to use a rocket launcher and doing backflips off of diagonal surfaces. The Tokyo level was originally meant to have a longer biking segment upon the rooftops which would culminate with Lara crashing the bike into a traditional Japanese garden. Lara was also shown visiting more locations, one of which was nearby a beach, possiby an early version of Croft Manor. The Nepal level had Mooks in different apparel and what looked to be a small camp.
    • The guidebook revealed there was supposed to be a motorcycle segment on a motorway in the England level, as Lara chases down Rutland's thugs who have kidnapped Zip and Alister. The segment was cut.

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