YMMV: Tomb Raider Legend

  • Awesome Music: How about Grapple Time, which could be easily mistaken for the main theme of Legend?
  • Base Breaker: Alister. One half of the fandom find him intolerable, the other half adore him and were furious at his reduced role in Underworld. Oddly, Zip did not receive the same reaction, despite serving the exact same function as Alister, as everyone generally likes him.
    • Possibly due to simple personality preferences. Zip seems more laid-back and enthusiastic, while Alister tends to be fussier and a bit on the stuffy side, which can be taken as nagging.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Amanda goes through quite a wardrobe change in the period between her believed death and her reappearance in Kazakhstan. Gone are the cute shorts and blouses with flowery embroidery and in come the cleavage-baring tops and tight, preferably leather pants.
  • It's Short, so It Sucks : A criticism of Legend, which was only eight levels (seven if you don't count the final boss level). That said, some have argued that it's great precisely because it's only eight levels, as the game doesn't get overlong and repetitive.
  • Stop Helping Me!: General consensus amongst the fandom seems to be that Zip and Alister's frequent comments ruin the feeling of isolation and provide too much help during puzzles, negating the feeling of accomplishment when you finally progress. They have their supporters though.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Several fans of the Core Design games were not happy with Crystal Dynamics' Continuity Reboot and the subsequent drastic changes to Lara's personality and backstory.
    • Arguably the reaction was less to do with story changes (as story was never a big part of the series anyway) but the linearity and lack of exploration or isolation.