Trivia: The Smashing Pumpkins

  • Development Hell: The Machina albums were to be accompanied by an animated web series called Glass and the Machines of God, which would've hopefully explained the plot more. Aside from a teaser trailer and production stills, nothing came of it.
    • 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope' is going to have 44 songs over 11 EPs. 10 songs have been released so far.
    • Oceania. Originally scheduled to be released in September 2011. Production wrapped in September. Then pushed back to November, then Early 2012. Billy announced March 2012 as the new released date, but then it was pushed back to 19 June.
    • Album re-issues. They were originally announced back in late 2000 during the Break-up.
    • The Last Show (see Grand Finale entry below). Announced along with the Greatest hits CD/DVD.
  • Fake Guest Star: Mike Garson, from David Bowie's touring band, played piano/synthesizer for the band during the Adore and Machina Tours.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Tom Kenny and Jill Talley in Tonight Tonight.
  • Romance on the Set: Billy's relationship with Jessica of The Veronicas, started due to him helping her with their third album.
    • James and D'arcy dated during Gish era, but broke up during the writing of Siamese Dream. This didn't help the Troubled Production.
  • Troubled Production: Siamese Dream. Actually, just about all of the albums, to hear Billy tell it.
    • D'arcy herself added that she had no clue how the band survived the Gish recording sessions (which lasted 30 working days), and Billy mentioned he suffered a nervous breakdown from the resulting strain.
  • What Could Have Been: "Eye" was originally written as a backing track for a Shaquille O'Neal rap song. It was only turned into a Smashing Pumpkins song because their song "Tear" was rejected for inclusion on the Lost Highway soundtrack and the band needed to quickly submit something else.
    • Today was originally written as a more straight forward Alt. Rock/Metal song.
    • Adore was a notorious flop, in large part due to the distant, icy electronics (which are interesting but take some time to get used to), the weirdly bland production (which, as Allmusic noted in its review, makes the songs blend together) and the noticeable absence of Jimmy Chamberlin. But after a listen to the live versions it becomes clear that nearly every song on the album is actually Crowning Music of Awesome, made less accessible during the studio recording and lacking the energy provided by Chamberlin's drumming, despite the band hiring Joey Waronker, Matt Cameron and Matt Walker to provide percussion. The album probably would have been much more successful if the live arrangements had been the ones used and the band had employed session drummers better, and so would the Pumpkins' post-Mellon Collie career. It didn't help that Corgan was going through major depression during recording, on account of his mother passing.