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The Smashing Pumpkins
"Thru the Eyes of Ruby," "Stumbleine," and "X.Y.U." tell a single story of a collapsing relationship.
"Thru the Eyes of Ruby" is the loveless wedding. They don't really want to get married but they feel obliged to because that's what is expected of them. They are no longer interested in each other ("you may find your love is gone," "with this ring I play so dead / but no one's asking for the truth") but they stay together because they're all they have. "Stumbleine" is either the original courtship or the post-wedding relationship. Either way, it's sad and kind of lonely. They're clinging onto each other because they have no one else. It's worth noting that Ruby is mentioned by name in this song. "X.Y.U." is the breakup. The truth behind their relationship is finally laid bare: "I was lonely / and she was crazy." This is an incredibly angry song, focusing on the bitterness and hatred they have for each other now that it's all over.

These three songs follow each other in sequence on the album, and return to its theme of being "the one and only."
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