Tear Jerker / The Smashing Pumpkins

This alternative rock band has a few tear jerkers up their sleeves.
  • "Luna" and "Today" from Siamese Dream.
    • As well as "Disarm".
    • Let's not forget "Spaceboy", which is about Corgan's autistic half-brother.
    • "Mayonaise," too.
    • "Hummer"'s final third is as beautiful as it is disheartening, especially with the lyrics.
    Ask yourself a question
    Anyone but me
    I ain't free...
  • "To Forgive", "Galapagos", "1979", "Thirty Three", "In the Arms of Sleep", "By Starlight", and "Take Me Down" from Mellon Collie.
  • "To Sheila", "Crestfallen", "For Martha",note  "The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete", and "Once Upon a Time"note  from Adore.
  • "I of the Mourning" and "This Time" from Machina/The Machines of God.
    As the curtain falls, we bid you all goodnight.
  • "Pinwheels" and "One Diamond, One Heart" from Oceania are in the Tears of Joy category.
  • "All Things Change" from Billy Corgan's solo album Thefutureembrace.
  • Billy Corgan's cover of "Landslide"

Mother, I hope you know
I miss you, so.