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Tear Jerker: The Smiths
This British alternative rock band has some pretty depressing songs.

  • Probably the biggest Smiths tearjerker ("I Know Its Over" aside) is the surprisingly uplifting and bittersweet "Reel Around The Fountain".
    • "Paint a Vulgar Picture" is another example of bittersweetness leading to a Tear Jerker. The gorgeous melody and sad lyrics come together to make one of the most heartbreaking tracks in their catalog.
  • "Unhappy Birthday," though in typical Moz fashion it mixes the legitimately sad parts with deliberately melodramatic darkly absurdist humor.
    "And you say no
    You don't have to feel this way
    And I sing no
    I'm gonna kill
    May the line sag
    May the line sag heavy and deep tonight..."
  • However, "I Know It's Over" and "Asleep" are Grade-A tearjerkers, especially this famous verse of "I Know It's Over:"
    And you even spoke to me, and said :
    "If you're so funny
    Then why are you on your own tonight?
    And if you're so clever
    Then why are you on your own tonight?
    If you're so very entertaining
    Then why are you on your own tonight?
    If you're so very good-looking
    Why do you sleep alone tonight?
    I know...
    'Cause tonight is just like any other night"
    • Asleep has
    I'm tired and I want to go to bed, don't feel bad for me
  • Nothing can get the depression rolling in like "Everyday is Like Sunday" for some people.
    • Also in Morrissey's solo work, two notable tracks are "Late Night, Maudlin Street" and "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday".
  • Others can include "Still Ill" and "Reel Around the Fountain"
  • One might love to go... "Back To The Old House".
    • The acoustic version on Hatful of Hollow is particularly heartbreaking.
  • "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" takes the cake as well.
  • And then there are "Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want", "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me", and "Suffer Little Children".
    • As well as "Hand In Glove", "Well I Wonder", and "Half A Person".
  • "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore," which is based on an experience Morrissey had being mocked for his depression. The final lines are particularly heartbreaking, which are layered over each other and repeated in increasing horror over the final section of the song: "I've seen this happen in other people's live/and now it's happening in mine/it's happening in mine!"

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