Trivia / The Rockford Files

  • Casting Gag: "The Competitive Edge" features John Fiedler as a mental patient who thinks he is James Bond. The gag? Harold Sakata as fellow patient "John Doe".
  • The Danza: James Garner as Jim Rockford.
    • Rita Moreno as Rita Capkovic.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Stuart Margolin called the shots on two episodes (and two of the TV movies); James Garner directed "The Girl in the Bay City Boys' Club" (his only directing job).
    • Incidentally, although Garner's fellow participant in The Great Escape James Coburn never appeared on the show, he took his only turn in the director's chair with "Irving The Explainer."
  • The Other Darrin: Rocky was played by Robert Donley in the pilot, before Noah Beery Jr. took over the role for the series proper.
  • You Look Familiar: James Garner's brother, Jack, appeared throughout the show's run as a number of different characters, one of which (Police Captain McEnroe) was a semi-regular in the final season and appeared in each of the reunion movies.