Trivia / The Glass House

  • Channel Hop: After it was announced that the ABC had not renewed the show for 2007, it was rumoured that Channel 10 would pick it up. It never happened.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: Its time slot for most of its lifespan was "sometime late on Friday". This arguably worked to its advantage, as its humour was...not edgy, but certainly not mainstream either. Its Friday-night slot was so ingrained that even when it moved to Wednesdays, it was still repeated late on Friday.
    Wil: It's on late at night, no one's watching.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For many years after the Grand Finale, the only official release was the DVD of the best-of specials, as the ABC had ruled out releasing full seasons. People hoping for reruns had to make do with seasons 8 and 9 airing in the very early hours of the morning in 2009-10 with no fanfare and no chance of any earlier seasons - the ABC did not have the rights to replay anything from before 2005. Then seasons 1-5 were released on the iTunes Store in 2011 - but the ABC currently have no plans to release seasons 6-9 in any form.
  • Missing Episode: The cast and crew begged the ABC not to run an episode scheduled to air a few days after 9/11 when they realised that an opening line of "It's been a big week, how about those Wiggles!" would be more than a little inappropriate.
  • Only Barely Renewed: After the first season. The ABC then only commissioned blocks of up to fourteen episodes at a time (and at very short notice for the cast and crew) before finally giving the green light to longer seasons from 2003 onwards.
  • Recycled Set:
  • The Merch: A book and DVD were released, both containing healthy amounts of Self-Deprecation and Biting-the-Hand Humor. The former only had a small print run and is now extremely difficult to find.