Trivia / ScrewAttack

  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • While talking about Soul Calibur II in their "Top Ten Gamecube Games" video, which they put on the list due to having Link as a playable character, they state that his Legendary Weapon, the Great Fairy Sword, was a weapon exclusive to that game. That sword was actually obtainable in Majora's Mask as a reward for collecting all of the stray fairies in the Stone Temple.
  • Old Shame: Invoked in the "Top 10 Fighting Game Females" Top 10: Nick was ashamed to have forgotten to put Baiken on his previous "Top 10 Ninja" list.
  • Schedule Slip: Metal Gear Ben The first episode was to debut at SGC 2009, but non-attendees had to wait until November to see it. Why? Because due to preparation for SGC, and the fact that they started shooting the series at the end of winter, they had only shot two episodes, over half a year after anouncing the series.
    • And Metal Gear Ben caused another schedule slip Corey lost a bet, which meant she had to dye her hair blonde. Except they had to wait until after MGB was shot to do it for continuity, and by the time they had finished filming, Corey was going onto a part-time schedule. In a moment that's Hilarious in Hindsight, they could have dyed Corey's hair soon after she lost the bet, as Metal Gear Ben's filming went on hold for several months.