YMMV: ScrewAttack

  • Accidental Innuendo: Every other sentence that Maxifent Corey speaks.
  • Awesome Music: One clip of the week featured Stuttering Craig singing the Pokémon theme song. But with new lyrics related to Call of Duty.
  • Ear Worm: The ScrewAttack jingle. So much so, that even though it was originally commissioned to serve as the Hard News theme, it wound up opening all of the site's videos.
  • 8.8: Their VG Vault of an Astérix game was criticized by non-Americans. The response video also states criticizing soccer has a bad response outside America too.
  • Funny Moments: Go listen to the "Corey's Secret Boyfriend" podcast. Her reaction as the tale of how she unwittingly seduced some poor nerd & accidentally agreed to go on a date with him before realising this in the middle of the night and breaking up with him the next day is only made less funny by the fact that it was only an audio podcast.
    • The ending of the Asterix: The Reckoning VGV. The do-over in response to complaints about Craig not being aware of the characters.
    Stuttering Craig: The last thing I wanna do is hurt anybody. I mean, what are you guys, retarded?
    Chad: [In the background] CRAIG!
    Stuttering Craig: ...Dammit
  • Growing the Beard: The general consensus is that after the founders of The Game Heroes left the site caused this - The vacancies left by the more subdued Handsome Tom & Perfect Liz were eventually filled by Daily Destin & Maxifent Corey, whilst Jose El Mexicano, High School Ben & Nervous Nick took more prominent roles in the site. The biggest change was in the Clip Of The Week, as they went from small skits, to full-on productions at times.
  • Heartwarming Moment: The terminally ill g1 whose Make a Wish wish was to spend one day at the HQ with the crew. They let him, and appeared on pretty much every feature on the site, he even hosted hard news saw under Craig's hat. If that's not the greatest Heartwarming Moment in the entirety of the internet, then I don't know what is.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In their top ten worst Mario games list, they claimed the US Super Mario Bros. 2 was put on the list simply because it was a dolled up installment based on Doki Doki Panic, and not a real Mario game. A 2011 interview with Nintendo revealed that Doki Doki Panic did in fact start as an early prototype for a Mario sequel, before becoming Doki Doki Panic, which in turn was turned into the Us Mario 2.
    • At the beginning of 2010 they released a video stating that Duke Nukem Forever would get a release date, Nintendo would try out 3D again, there would be a new Kid Icarus game anounced (Albeit, for the Wii, not the DS), and the 360 would be slimmed down. Scary isn't it?
    • Not to mention they also predicted Milo would become Skynet, and in a weird coincidence...
    • For 2011, they speculated on a new Nintendo console aiming on hardcore games... which seems to be on its way.
    • In the Top 10 Best and Worst Gaming Peripherals, R.O.B. came in at number 10 (worst) with Handsome Tom mentioning that the next time he sees R.O.B., he wants to see him shooting lasers out of his eyes (pew pew). Then Brawl came and when R.O.B. became a smasher, he can shoot lasers out of his eyes not only as a regular smash move, but a final smash move as well. In the same Top 10 list, they argued that had the U-Verse never been made, we'd be playing games with our minds. Unfortunately, while there isn't a video game that does this just yet, there have been games launched into production not too long after which rely on thoughts to play (if only to move a ball through a series of obstacle courses).
    • In the "Corey's Secret Boyfriend" podcast mentioned above, Corey offhandedly comments on her relief the Sidescrollers wasn't a video podcast. Fast forward a few years, and it's become just that.
  • Hype Backlash: The initial anouncement of SGC was one, as the site hyped The Reveal to an insane amount. When it was revealed that it was effectively just a rebranding & upscaling of the site's "Iron Man of Gaming" tournament, people were pissed that after all the hype, it was for something that meant nothing to them as they wouldn't be able to get to SGC.
  • Internet Backdraft: They put Mega Man Legends on their Top Ten Worst 2D to 3D games. Considering the then-recent cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, people... Weren't pleased.
    • It should be pointed out that Screwattack made that particular list back in 2007, four years before Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled.
    • They also put Ecco The Dolphin on the Top Ten Worst Water Levels, citing the entire game (Nervous Nick did lampshade the Cult Classic status, particularly for the sequels), and Hydro City.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Death Battle is the most popular features on the site, to the point where they people asking about it and giving suggestions for potential death battles in the comment section of other features.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Some saw Destin as this when he made his debut shortly after Handsome Tom left the site. Notably the Video Game Vaults and Top 10s featuring Destin are amongst the lowest rated of the Screwattack videos on GameTrailers.com.
    • Averted with Nervous Nick who seems popular with the users on GameTrailers.com and does the video game vaults and the top ten videos regularly with Craig.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
  • Tear Jerker: Jared anouncing his departure from the site on the October 1st, 2012 edition of Hard News. No fanfare leading up to it, and no "At the end of this week/month..." in the anouncement, just Jared simply stating that he was no longer part of the team, effective immediately. The main reason that Jared was fired was due to him starting to focus more on his own projects over his work at ScrewAttack, causing him and Craig to talk about it, and both of them agreeing that it was time for Jared to move on from ScrewAttack.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • The real-life departure of Handsome Tom, Perfect Liz and 8-Bit Mickey. People were not especially receptive to Destin & Corey at first because it seemed the three others were hired to replace them.
    • The feedback to the first video Destin did for ScrewAttack — a Video Game Vault for X-Men on the Sega Genesis — was so bad on GameTrailers.com that it was a long time before anyone other than Craig did a video that was posted on GameTrailers.com. The next was the first half of the Top Ten Sega Genesis Games which featured Craig, Corey and Destin. Comments featured people saying Corey wasn't a gamer because she was a girl or because they felt she was a fake, and more accusations that Destin was just there to replace Tom. The second half of the Top Ten just featured Craig.
    • Once Tom, Liz, and Mickey left, ScrewAttack became less about games and more "The Stuttering Craig Show".
    • ScrewAttack nowadays has stopped doing Hard News, Video Game Vault, and Top 10 to focus on Death Battle as their bread and butter. While Top 10 videos still trickle in, even supplemented by the Top X Reasons We Love/Hate series, Hard News and Vault ground to a halt in mid 2014. This is mainly due to them being bought and acquired by a company which owned Rooster Teeth. Seeing as Rooster Teeth's version of Hard News had more views, and moving Hard News from Screw Attack to gauge its popularity, it's safe to say that Hard News is down for good. As to whether or not, this was a wise choice, is up to debate, but business is business.