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Trivia: Ruby Quest
  • All There in the Manual: Of all the countless questions left unanswered, Weaver has since provided information of quite a many.
  • Audience Participation Failure: Weaver had first attempted to run Ruby Quest on the /r9k/ board, which unfortunately was going nowhere. He had later moved it to /tg/ where its interest and participation spread like wildfire among the communitynote 
  • Deleted Scenes:
    "Red came back as some kind of 'force', as seen in the OP's image. Things started coming to life, including the walls themselves. Shit hit the fan. Ruby had a temporary hallucination where everything in the facility was suddenly friendly and happy, Red was wishing her a happy birthday, etc.
    Then Ruby nearly died when the Bird Zombie attacked, Tom beat the thing to death to save her but lost an arm.
  • Fan Nickname/ Known Only By Their Nick Name: CJOPAZE.note 
    • The Unpronounceable: Although, a recurring Ruby Quest player—known as "Amazing"—attempted to clarify it as "Syo-pah-zay" [1]
  • Follow the Leader: RQ inspired a lot of other "Quest" collective games on /tg/ and other boards, such as Mudy Quest. Asking whether this was a good or bad thing can cause an Internet Backdraft.
  • What Measure Is a Fictional-Character?: A Real Life example; nearing the end of the main game, /tg/ goes into a huge debate over the moral consequences of whether or not to Mercy Kill Bella.
  • Schedule Slip: Apparently, the main reason /tg/ raged at Maddie so hard during Thursday Quest.
    • Subverted[?] when Weaver announces that he actually "never said Thursday".
  • Trolling Creator: Weaver had actually admitted this during the Déjà Vu special.note 
  • Identity Impersonator: Comically averted. During The Weaver, someone had attempted to impersonate the actual Weaver with a Rule 34 spam image drawn in his stylenote . However, this was mainly ignored due to the fact he had got Weaver's tripcode wrong.note 
  • Sequelitis: For the first time in Ruby Quest's history on the site; the Daisy Quest gag's thread had only achieved a Good Thread archive rating, as every thread before has always been awarded with an Epic Thread rating.
  • Fountain of Expies: The video game series has: A bird villager named Ace, and rabbit name Ruby, a raccoon named Tom Nook. Ruby Quest is very obviously based off of Animal Crossing's characters.

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