Heartwarming / Ruby Quest

There aren't a lot of heartwarming moments in this horror story, but they're there, and they're sweet.

  • At one point after Tom and Ruby reunite, players told Ruby to hug Tom. She did, and "Tom took it a step further" by kissing her! Granted, Ruby was too surprised to return the gesture, which left Tom kinda heartbroken, but it really was a sweet moment nonetheless.
  • When Ruby left Stitches the group photo of all of them from before the infection spread/cure was introduced. It was enough to motivate Stitches into saving Tom, thereby preventing his Heroic Sacrifice and ensuring a Happy Ending.
  • /tg/ deciding they have to SAVE THE EMOBIRD, Jay, even though there wasn't really a reason to do so. The fact that Weaver didn't expect it in the slightest makes it even sweeter.
  • The "last" note  stanza of The Metal Glen: Incense sweet, and cradled warm / Like lovers coddled, arm in arm / Two souls, nomadic, fleeing harm: / That wicked, metal glen. / Now coming morn drives off the curse / Too startled still to dare converse / Both praying they have seen the worst / So ends their tale— / Amen.