Trivia / Pokémon 2000

  • Blooper: Several Pokemon cry flubs occur in "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure". Most notably, a Poliwhirl shouts "Poliwrath" and a Pidgey shrieks "Fearow".
  • Executive Meddling:
    • A scene got cut when it was dubbed: Basically, it had Tracey Sketchit deduce that the combination of water, electricity, and fire on the cages would cause an explosion before knocking Misty and Ash down seconds before the detonation, giving some redemption to his character (although some insist that the explosion was caused by Togepi because it was wagging its arms a few seconds before the explosion beforehand). The reason it was cut was because 4Kids feared that Tracey's explanation would have probably been used by the audience to create an actual explosive.
    • Also, because of religious matters, the three legendary birds (and Lugia) are referred to as Guardians, Beasts, and Titans instead of Gods (which was their original title).
  • What Could Have Been: This movie was originally going to compete with Disney's Recess: School's Out in July 2000 (Remember that WB and Disney have been competitors for a long time, and the One Saturday Morning vs. Kids' WB! war was being won by Disney at the time). Knowing about how big their competitor was, Disney decided to hold Recess off until February 2001. Though if both movies were released at the same time (looking at both box office numbers and reception from when both movies were released), Pokemon would have had better box office numbers, while Recess: School's Out would have more critically-acclaimed.
  • Word of God: The film's screenwriter established that Lawrence III (Jirarudan in the Japanese) isn't evil, comparing him to Don Quixote.
  • Herman Cain infamously quoted the ending song of the movie The Power Of One to close his election bid, attributing it to "a poet". Before, he thought they were the lyrics to the closing song of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The Daily Show took notice of this.