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Headscratchers: Pokémon 2000
  • How could Lawrence III not know that his actions woud cause The End Of The World As We know It? He had that stone plate with the legend on it and he knew the legend. It's hard to not think he is evil instead of a total egomaniac.
    • Well, he could have regarded it as just legend, you know. Myths that aren't true.
    • He comes across (to me at least) as the type who's oblivious to everything that doesn't directly affect him. In that sense, he is a total egomaniac, with the added bonus that he had no idea that he was doing anything wrong.
    • He thinks that he is the chosen one mentioned in the legend and that capturing Lugia will be taming the beast of the sea, he probably assumed that once he caught Lugia the weather would stop but of course the legend really meant Ash taming the underwater current.
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