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Trivia: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • Tribute to Fido: The police dog in the first game is named after Missile, the creator's Pomeranian. He doesn't do anything useful, but taking him to Larry means he eats all of his hot dogs.
  • What Could Have Been: The early character designs were very, very different:
    • The main character would have bright green hair and Franziska's sense of fashion.
    • The rival would looked like a young Manfred von Karma and had a pointy Beard of Evil.
    • The mentor would be a big, hulking man.
    • The assistant looked more like Ema.
    • The detective would be a hot woman.
    • In-universe example: At the end of 1-4, Phoenix thinks he would've been a prosecutor because Larry framed him for stealing lunch money and Edgeworth thinks he would've been a defense attorney if his actual father wasn't killed by the man who would become his adoptive father and mentor. There's a fan fic based on this premise.
    • An early concept for Wendy Oldbag gave her a much younger Brawn Hilda look.

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