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Trivia: Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • Deleted Scene: The Amazing Larry moment and the Boomerang Bowtie were both explained in cut footage that can be found on the DVD.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Francis' butler is played by "Professor" Toru Tanaka (aka Sub Zero).
    • The lone Biker Babe in the Hell Satan's club is Elvira.
    • Several co-stars of Pee-wee's nightclub act and tv show also make appearances: Lynne Marie Stewart (Miss Yvonne) plays Mother Superior, John Paragon (Jambi) is the high-voiced extra in red armor who Pee-Wee asks directions from, and Phil Hartman (Captain Carl) is the reporter interviewing Francis at the drive-in at the end.
    • Francis Buxton is Chubby from Teen Wolf
    • You might recognize Pee-wee's squeaky girlfriend as the squeaky fangirl from Streets of Fire
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Pee-wee's girlfriend is played by Tommy Pickles/Buttercup.
  • What Could Have Been: This was originally pitched as a remake to Pollyanna (which is Paul Reubens' favorite film). The indirect sequel Big Top Pee Wee has a bit more Pollyanna influence.
    • In exchange for Elvira playing the Biker Mama, Reubens was supposed to have repaid the favor by appearing on her weekly syndicated horror show, Movie Macabre. Ironically, John Paragon was also a regular on Movie Macabre, in which he played "The Breather", a disembodied voice who'd call Elvira during intermission and would tell bad jokes.

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