Trivia: Pawn Stars

  • Dueling Shows: TruTv's Hardcore Pawn, though it deals more with the drama of a pawnshop rather than the items.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: A few celebrities have dropped by the shop including Steve Carell, national news host George Stephanopoulos and ZZ Top. Lynyrd Skynyrd also shot a special video and do the theme song for the latest seasons.
  • Meme Acknowledgment: After the bombardment of calls requesting Battletoads, a copy of the game appeared in the background of an episode.
  • Name's the Same: The Old Man is also named Rick Harrison.
    • In fact, all three (related) stars are legally named "Richard Harrison." Their middle names differ, with the Old Man's being Benjamin, Rick's being Kevin, and Big Hoss's presumably being Corey.
    • Their antiques restorations guy is also named Rick.
    • One episode featured a tricycle called "Boss Hoss".
  • The Other Darrin: Other experts occasionally replace Rick Dale and Danny Coker, presumably because they're too busy with their own shows.
  • One of Us: Everyone except Corey
    • The Old Man really loves Star Wars and was disappointed that he couldn't make a deal on a commercial R2D2 cooler stating if he couldn't sell it he's take it home and put it on his porch.
    • Rick loves anything to do with history and bought an Incunable book (a book made during the first 50 years of the printing press) and decides to keep it for himself. Though Corey and The Old Man make him buy it at full price, more than twice of what he paid for it.
    • Chumlee is an All around geek being into the usual stuff like video games and toys.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Two of the experts the shop uses, Rick Dale and Danny "The Count" Koker, have since gotten their own shows, American Restoration and Counting Cars respectively.
  • Writer Revolt: Rick and Corey's fighting in Season 2 was artificial scripting caused by Executive Meddling. After the bitterness started seeping over to real life, Rick told the History Channel to stop it or they'll end the show/take it to another network, and they listened. This incident is referenced in the new version of the opening, where Rick mentions family being more important than business.