Awesome: Pawn Stars

  • Chumlee appraising a pair of Air Jordan V shoes. Along with accurately determining that they were a reproduction from a few years ago, he buys them anyway for $75 because "they're still good shoes."
  • Chumlee beating Corey in the skip rope. He was incredibly fast on the jump rope for a big guy.
  • Chumlee fixed up a hobby-grade RC car and won $50 from Rick.
  • The saga that was "The Pick, The Pawn and the Polish." Rick wants to get the Old Man a very specific 1957 Chevy One Fifty two door for his 70th birthday. He enlists the help of Mike and Frankie to go look for it. They do, eventually, somewhere in the American southwest...but What a Piece of Junk it is. They then meet Rick at Rick the Restoration Guy to sell it and turn it over for restoration. Roughly $80,000 is spent in total to get this done, with Rick getting help from Count's Customs to move the project along. The result: A 7-8 month project that gets done in about three, just in time for the party, which the Old Man is absolutely flabbergasted to receive.
  • The store gets into yet another contest, this time to see who is the better trap shooter, and the loser must buy everybody else a duck dinner. The Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee all boast that they're the best shooters, with Rick just acting bemused and playing along with them. On the day of the shoot, the Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee only managed to hit one out of three targets. When Rick steps up, he not only shoots down all three targets, he keeps shooting down targets until he's 7 for 7. Then, with some rightfully earned smugness, Rick just saunters off and leaves the three losers to decide among themselves who buys his duck dinner.
  • The ad they did for the A-Team film.
  • Corey buying a katana from a customer almost blind. He could not get in contact with the expert at the time of the sale, so he had to go into this sale blind. He accurately guesses that the sword is from the Tokugawa era. He also was able to buy it at a great price: $1500. Rick and the Old Man give him grief over not getting it evaluated by an expert, so Corey brings in an expert the next day to evaluate it. It turns out that the sword is actually from the Tokugawa era, and the maker only made it for the samurai class. The expert evaluated it at $5000, which means Corey will potentially score a profit. However, the expert makes an even better offer: have it restored and it could be sold for $15,000. Corey takes the deal and gets it restored. When the expert comes back with the restored katana, everyone's jaws dropped.
  • As a joke, Corey bought Chumlee a joke lottery ticket tricking him into thinking he won 10,000 dollars. As a result, Chumlee quit his job and ran off to the Cayman Islands. Corey was worried sick and guilt ridden about the prank. Until it was revealed that Chum knew that it was a fake and just used the prank to get himself a day off. In other words, Chum used a prank played on him for his own benefit.
    • After the lottery ticket joke failed Corey tried to prank Chumlee again. He wrote "Honk if you think I look like a walrus" on the tailgate of Chumlee's truck and then asked Chumlee to go out and run some errands for the shop. Unfortunately for Corey, Chumlee had discovered the writing and washed it off before leaving the shop, and in retaliation filled the cab of Corey's truck with Styrofoam peanuts.
  • The bar competition, a trivia contest is being held and Rick doesn't let Chumlee be a part of the team. Despite his attempts to get on he still doesn't. So what does he do? He forms his own team bringing in three of the most knowledgeable experts that they often call on to help. Needless to say, it's one sided.
  • The Old Man sends Chumlee on a fool's errand (getting a bucket of steam, a glass hammer, a left-handed coffee mug and similar items). Chumlee realizes it was a fool's errand, and gets a bucket with dry ice in it and a really full cup of coffee in it. He shows the bucket of 'steam' to the Old Man and tells him that the coffee mug is left-handed and says so on the bottom. The Old Man picks it up and tries to see it, only to spill some of the coffee on his shirt. Rick and Corey have no sympathy for him.
  • Chumlee losing and shedding over a hundred pounds. Compare him now to how big he was when the series started.
  • A guy comes in trying to sell a cannon and Rick, Corey and Chumlee go out to the desert with him to test it out...but they neglect to invite the Old Man. The Old Man gets back at them by ordering in pizza for the entire shop staff but tells Corey, Rick and Chumlee that they aren't invited to have pizza. When Corey points out that there are two pieces left in the last box the Old Man grabs those pieces and throws them away.