YMMV: Pawn Stars

  • Critical Research Failure: When a customer brings in a Remington 1858 New Army revolver for sale, Rick mentions Clint Eastwood carried one in The Good The Bad And The Ugly. He actually didn't; Clint Eastwood used a Colt 1851 Navy. Lee Van Cleef carried a Remington New Army.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Chumlee was originally a background character who had A Day in the Limelight episode in Season 1. The producers realized his status as this trope and so, come Season 2, he'd become an Ascended Extra.
    • Following Chum, Anton has at times (increasingly in the newest seasons) become Chumlee's sidekick, engaging in (or at the very least, not hindering and seeing what happens) Chum's various schemes.
    • Danny is the most popular of the experts, to the point where he's replaced all the other car & bike experts the Shop's used, and getting his own spin-off.
      • To the point where Danny (and Rick Dale) have been replaced by other experts, presumably because those two have become too busy with their own shows and customers.
  • Ho Yay: Big Hoss and Chumlee.
  • Magnificent Bastard: When the Harrisons have a set of portraits made, Chumlee, miffed that he didn't get a portrait, has the artist insert his face on a stack of hundred dollar bills in the Old Man's painting and Corey's wrist tattoo and his name on a book in Rick's painting. The Old Man calls him "bad"; Corey is not impressed.
  • Memetic Mutation: See just below. Opponents of the show are fond of summarizing or referencing it as, "Best I can do is <insert absurdly low amount>." For example:
    Change for a dollar? 25 cents is the best I can do.
  • Ron the Death Eater: To hear some people online talk about the show, you'd think Rick and his family break into peoples' homes, put guns to their heads and force them to sell their priceless, beloved never-part-with-it-otherwise family heirlooms for pennies.
    • It's possible Rick's aware of this - while he still tries to get the best deal he can he seems to be trying to soften up his Jerk Ass image. It's really noticeable comparing older and newer episodes back-to-back.
      • Rick's probably the most fair negotiator of the Gold & Silver crew. Old Man Harrison is a hard negotiator and as mentioned elsewhere Corey tends to be a real Jerk Ass. Rick is at least the most willing to call for an expert and get a third opinion.
  • The Scrappy: Big Hoss. Acts like an Entitled Bastard when he doesn't get his way, he complains about shows he doesn't watch, like Star Wars, and generally is much more unlikable than his father, grandfather, and ChumLee.
    • Now it's Davey Deals, an occasional interloper and sleazy used car salesman who's trying to get stuff from the shop for next to nothing in order to "get the babes." He comes off not only as a pervert, but a general Jerkass who whines about not getting a free ride from the Harrisons, and his interactions with the cast are not funny, just irritating. Oddly enough he's treated more realistically and flatteringly on his few appearances on sister show Counting Cars.
      • Most likely comes off better in Cars because he did have a car business, so can better put his skills and knowledge to use with Danny; at the shop, he's just there taking up space.
    • The Old Man. From his No Sympathy to his own flesh and blood, his general selfishness, his tightwad attitude with money, and the fact he doesn't like to admit he's going blind and senile...have become a thorn in viewer's minds. Not to mention his abuse of the employees and Chum Lee.
  • Seasonal Rot: In the 2012 episodes, apparently, having people bring interesting items to the store and having Chumlee do stupid things isn't interesting enough for the audience, so the show gets a tagged-on plot line of Cory wanting to be a partner in the business or he's leaving the store. The scenes with Cory voicing his anger at not being made a partner are over-acted and are clearly played up for the cameras. If someone had told Cory, "Okay, take that job," Cory would have shat himself.
    • "Someone stole my lunch," a story line where Rick is mad that someone has been stealing his lunch.
    • The Old Man's pennies - a tacked-on story about how the old man has hidden several buckets of pennies in the store. Cory and Chumlee are playing basketball in the warehouse and just happen to notice a car doesn't look right, so they investigate and find some of the pennies.
    • An episodic storyline involving some sort of buffoonery (on the part of either Corey or Chumlee, naturally) seems to be norm de jour for the show in the last few seasons.
    • Davey Deals in the latest season seems to be the show's ultimate expression of Seasonal Rot.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The theme song sounds a lot like AC/DC's "Back in Black", doesn't it?
    • The tune often heard in the trivia sections sound similar to U2's "New Years Day"
    • This is actually quite common in the show, especially when dealing with any merchandise or memorabilia related to famous actors, musicians, TV shows or movies, as it would cost a fortune to license out the genuine music. Best heard when they bought the Goldfinger filming script- a clone of the Bond theme is used.
  • What an Idiot: Some customers are convinced by extremely obvious fakes, such as a woman who brought in a tricycle that had a pedal disconnected from the wheel, or a guy who brought in a "French" statue that had made in the US stamped straight on the item. Some of these people still don't believe the pawn shop shop when they say it is fake, like the guy who was convinced he'd bought a hat that belonged to John Wayne because the hat had a tag that said "Duke" on it.
    • Also applies to Chumlee and Corey somewhat often; Davey Deals in nearly every appearance.
  • The Woobie: The magician Chumlee hired in one episode. Also, Chumlee.