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Trivia: One Direction
  • Box Office Underperformance: When "One Direction: This Is Us" was released, it was predicted that the film would gross over $20 million dollars in its first three days. With "Getaway"'s scathing reviews and "Closed Circuit"'s limited release, it was all but certain that "This Is Us" would be the highest grossing new release of the week. Reining champ "The Butler," while still poised for a strong weekend, was headed for about $12 million dollars, a sizable margin behind the 1D film. After the first day, "One Direction" grossed $8 million and expectations were slightly lowered. However, it was still the favorite to win the crown that weekend. Things changed when "This Is Us" dropped a huge 54% from its second day. Now, it was looking that 1D would very narrowly squeak out a win for the weekend. Additionally, the four-day Labor Day weekend, which "This Is Us" was expected to win, seemed to be headed in one direction: to "The Butler." In the end, it barely cracked $15 million and while edging out "The Butler" for the three-day weekend, had to settle for second place in the four-day frame.
  • Creator Killer: Nothing has yet happened to 1D themselves, but they are one of, if not the main catalyst in the declining popularity of Justin Bieber.

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