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Awesome / One Direction

  • Becoming one of the biggest boybands of all-time despite making it only to third place on the X-Factor is this in spades.
  • Their unprecedented success in the United States for a U.K. boy band.
  • Although Justin Bieber would later come back and bite them hard, seeing them one-upping all of his accomplishments and essentially burying his career into the ground in less than two years was breathtaking.
  • They had a four year run on top. Most boy bands only dream of holding on for as long as they have.
  • During their reign on top, they had little to no competition. While it is painful to see many promising careers fizzle out, it is surely a testament to 1D's popularity.
  • One Direction winning nineteen awards at the Teen Choice Awards is impressive in itself, but they won 19 awards only losing two in 2015 where they lose from Super Junior in Choice International and Choice Fandom.