Awesome / One Direction

  • Becoming one of the biggest boybands of all-time despite making it only to third place on the X-Factor is this in spades.
  • Their unprecedented success in the United States for a U.K. boy band.
  • Although Justin Bieber would later come back and bite them hard, seeing them one-upping all of his accomplishments and essentially burying his career into the ground in less than two years was breathtaking.
  • They had a four year run on top. Most boy bands only dream of holding on for as long as they have.
  • During their reign on top, they had little to no competition. While it is painful to see many promising careers fizzle out, it is surely a testament to 1D's popularity.
  • One Direction winning nineteen awards at the Teen Choice Awards is impressive in itself, but they won 19 awards without losing even once.