Trivia: Maddigan's Quest

  • Dawson Casting: Jordan Metcalfe and Rose McIver were 18 when they played Timon, aged 15, and Garland, 14, respectively.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!/Retroactive Recognition: Rose McIver (Garland), Olivia Tennet (Lilith), and Milo Cawthorne, who played an important one-shot character named Bolek, will go on to star on Power Rangers RPM as Summer Landsdown, Dr. K, and Ziggy Grover, respectively—another series in a post-apocalyptic setting.
    • Rose McIver was also in The Lovely Bones as Lindsey Salmon.
    • Timothy Balme (Yves) appeared in Doctor Who episode "The Waters of Mars"—again as a second-in-command in love with the leader of his group.