Heartwarming / Maddigan's Quest

  • From "Newton": Garland tries to warn Lilith about the disaster that would later take place. She tells Timon, "Lilith isn't my favorite person in the world, but she's part of the only world I know." Although they butt heads, thanks largely in part to Lilith's bratty personality, Garland does show that she cares about her. They also resolve their earlier arguments.
  • Timon to Garland: "You're my talisman."
  • The ending of Witchfinder, when Timon grabs Eden from the dunking chair and pulls him into a hug.
  • Combined with one heck of a Tear Jerker, when Timon and Garland get only a few seconds to say goodbye, Garland assures him that despite their Timey-Wimey Ball antics: "I'll always know you." He repeats the sentiment back to her, and just as he disappears a final word can be heard: "Always..."
  • Back in real life, Olivia Tennet and Milo Cawthorne, the actors who played Lilith and Bolek, began dating after wrapping up on Power Rangers RPM and eventually got married in June 2013.