Awesome / Maddigan's Quest

  • From "Witch Finder": The local witch finder has sentenced Eden to undergo submersion to prove that he is not a witch. Garland, Boomer, and Timon enter her safehouse and realize that the "witches" are all her doing, so they take her fake witches and expose her to the townspeople—thus saving Eden.
  • From "Greentown": While in Greentown, the Fantasia get exposed to mind-altering substances and don't realize that they are hallucinating—except for Boomer, who has no imagination whatsoever, and does not come under the effects of said substances. This comes in handy as he finds a way to break the illusions by beating his drum loudly, even stopping Timon from killing his brother Eden. By episode's end, everyone but Lilith is freed from the mind control.
  • From "Tunnellers": For once, Lilith's musical, er, abilities come in handy. Because of her, the Tunnellers let the Fantasia through the tunnels and even fight Maska to protect their "songbird" when he kidnaps her and takes the solar converter.
  • From "Off The Map": The captured men of the Fantasia challenge the pirates. In a David vs. Goliath match, Eden goes up against their champion—an unusually tall and strong brute. Despite his overwhelming strength, Eden ends up winning the fight.
  • From "Bird Boys":
    • Yves is being framed for selling the solar converter to Those Two Bad Guys. No one but Boomer knows that it's actually Timon, under the Nennog's control, who actually took it, setting it up so that it appears as if Yves is selling them out. They go off and find Maska and Ozul about to give the converter to the Nennog. With help from some of the Bird Boys, they retrieve it yet again, and Yves is cleared of wrongdoing.
    • Surprisingly, Lilith gets one as well. She makes a rousing speech to the Fantasia defending her father, even offering to get expelled from the troupe if they declare him guilty of wrongdoing.
  • From "Solis": Garland tightrope walking between two towers to get Jewel away from Timon. Gets even better when Ozul and Maska go after her and fall off.