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Trivia / MADtv

  • Casting Gag: One episode had Christopher Meloni play a resident of a gated community at a community meeting... who also happened to be a serial groper harassing one of the female residents.
  • Dueling Shows: With Saturday Night Live. While MA Dtv has its share of fans, boasted a more ethnically diverse castnote , and is considered the longest-running FOX sketch show (and SNL's longest-running rival), Saturday Night Live (for all its flaws, Seasonal Rot, and controversial moments) came out on top as the edgy, weekend live sketch show with a cast of up-and-coming comedians. Saturday Night Live even has two former MA Dtv cast members: Jeff Richards (who was on the show from 2001 to mid-2004) and Taran Killam (who came on the show in 2010 and is still on there)note .
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For a time, the only DVDs MA Dtv had out were the complete season one set and a compilation special called The Best of Seasons 8, 9, and 10. Despite a preview for the second season DVD, Warner Bros. decided not to release any more DVDs for the show due to low sales. Shout! Factory picked up the slack and released seasons two, three, and four on DVD, but then stopped for the same reason Warner Bros. did. And don't bother looking for it on television, since Comedy Central stopped airing the show in 2010 (it didn't even air the last couple of seasons [12 to 14], though Canada's Comedy Network aired season 12 before pulling the show) and no other channel has aired it since note . YouTube seems to be the only place anyone can find MA Dtv sketches (albeit ones with Comedy Central station identification bugs or Dutch subtitles), and iTunes store only has full episodes of the last two seasons available.
  • No Export for You: Narrowly averted with the first run. FOX didn't plan to air the show in Seattle because the local Sketch Comedy show Almost Live! (the show that made Bill Nye the Science Guy popular before he had his own educational series on PBS) was well-established and wildly popular at the time.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Josh Meyers (a cast member on MADtv for the show's eighth and ninth seasons) is the younger brother of Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers in Real Life, making Seth Meyers the only cast member to have a sibling on a rival sketch show. Made evident when Seth Meyers appeared on Weekend Update to talk to his dad and tells him to turn off MADtv.
  • Technology Marches On: One of the regular skits in the show's early seasons was "Lowered Expectations", a video dating service for..."troubled" individuals. But even in the mid-90's, the concept was starting to feel dated what with online dating on the rise, and the skit was retired by the end of the decade.
  • What Could Have Been - Seth MacFarlane (the man behind Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show) was originally contracted to do cartoon shorts for this show, but backed out in favor of creating his own TV series for FOX. Had MacFarlane taken the offer, he would have created Family Guy for MADtv before spinning it off into its own show, much like Matt Groening did with The Simpsons on The Tracy Ullman Show.
    • Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele were originally hired with the intention of FOX picking only one of them to be in the next season's cast, but the two had such great chemistry both separately and together that FOX decided to pick them both.
    • Stephnie Weir (the MADtv cast member known for recurring character Dotnote  and her impression of Anna Nicole Smithnote ) originally auditioned to be a Saturday Night Live cast member. She was passed up on SNL in favor of Rachel Dratch.
      • Jordan Peele also auditioned to be on Saturday Night Live during the hiatus brought on by the 2007-2008 Writers' Guild strike when Lorne Michaels used the time off to find a cast member who could play Barack Obama. Peele and another black male cast member (Donald Glover) were passed up in favor of Fred Armisen (to much controversy) until September 2012, when Jay Pharoah was chosen. The joke's on SNL as Jordan Peele played Barack Obama on Comedy Central's Key & Peele.